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Tales from the Drifts--True stories in managing snow & ice

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  1. Tale must be a real-life event (about something funny, dramatic, unique, etc.)  personally experienced while performing snow & ice management services.
  2. Tale must be 300 words or less
  3. Photos welcome
Prize for issue winners:

  1. One winner will be selected each issue by Snow Business and published in each of the seven 2013 issues. Buyers Products, the sponsor of Tales from the Drifts, will award a prize valued between $250-$300 for each issue winner.
  2. One grand prize winner will be selected from the seven issue winners. The grand prize selection will be conducted on in 2013. Each winning story will be posted and readers will vote for their favorite tale for a grand prize.


  • SIMA and Snow Business maintain full rights to publish content in the magazine and have final say in any tales printed. Please do not submit unprofessional stories or tales that exlempify unsafe actions.
  • Please verify receipt of your submission by emailing upon submission.
Tales from the Drifts Form
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