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Quick Tip #10: Refresher training for plow drivers

Quick Tip #10: Refresher training for plow drivers

Refresher training for plow equipment operators is key before the snow flies...

Most people may not understand the difference between a fully trained, highly experienced plow equipment operator and a person who can run equipment but has never plowed snow. The more a person plows, the faster and better that person becomes as they build skill. One of the true challenges in snow and ice management, especially in low snow environments, is the lack of time or opportunity for operators to practice; normally it's a trial by fire when the first snow of the season falls!

Even if you can't replicate snow and ice before it flies, you can invest time and energy into safety and best practices training for plow operators. Use training videos and discussions to highlight key points, and do dry runs on sites to allow them to understand the specific patterns and movements that will be useful to them when the snow actually flies. Get them used to doing a safety and equipment check before they start the equipment, and above all make sure you answer all of their questions. Finally, diagramming or even drawing out plowing patterns and plans for individual sites can be a powerful training tool for individuals who are trying to increase their skill level and be prepared for the snow season!

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